Who we are

We are a Law Firm specialized in providing an integral advice for companies and corporations. 

We offer a complete and interdisciplinary service in the prevailing law areas for any commercial development. Working with a profesional team specialized in different areas, assisting our clients on a meticulous and devotedly way. From the first moment,

 we maintain a workprofile like those that are globally known as boutique studio, favouring a personalized attention of each of our clients and their cases. Our aim, considering our job philosphy, consists in giving our customers a profesional attention.


maximo gandara

Mr. Máximo G. Gándara (Co-founder partner)

Industrial Property Agent, registration number: 1010.


maximo gandarah

Lawyer Máximo Gándara (son) (Partner)

Lawyer – Industrial Property Agent, registration number: 2285.


 Our story, until this moment


From the beggining, our job policy is convert issues in agreements, agreements in projects and projects in business.

  • 1992 – Estudio Gándara & Asoc. borns with the partnership of Mr. Alfredo González and Mr. Máximo Gándara, both of them Industrial Property Agents. Both of them developed an Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Firm.
  • 1999 – Due to Mr. González unfortunate decease, Mr. Gándara decides to associates with engineer Patricio Gutiérrez Maxwell, with whom he directed Estudio Gutiérrez Maxwell & Gándara.
  • 2009 – Engineer Gutiérrez Maxwell retirement gave rise to a new partnership between Mr. Gándara and Lawyer Rafael Gaviola, proceeding to denominate the Firm as Gándara, Gaviola & Asociados.
  • 2013 – Lawyer Máximo Gándara De Las Carreras was incorporated as partner from this boutique studio. Mr. Gaviola decides to continue his professional activity externally.